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[block_title title=”Loyalty & Rewards Programs”]Incentivize your customers to spend more with greater frequency.[/block_title]
[services_medium title=”Points Programs” icon=”steadysets-icon-map-marker” circle_color=”#161629″]Offer a points program to build customer loyalty while gaining insights into their purchasing behavior. This is also an effective way to increase the average number of visits & amount spent.[/services_medium]
[services_medium title=”Visit Discounts & Rebates” icon=”steadysets-icon-clock” circle_color=”#161629″]Customers can access immediate or future rewards when they present their cards at the time of sale. The program can be customized to your preset eligibility requirements.[/services_medium]
[services_medium title=”Reporting” icon=”steadysets-icon-printer” circle_color=”#161629″]In depth reporting that enhances visibility into your customer’s buying and spending habits to get much better insight for targeted marketing campaigns.[/services_medium]
[block_title title=”Promote your business with a rewards program.”]Incentivize your customers & encourage repeat business.[/block_title]
[services_small title=”Branded or Standard?” icon=”steadysets-icon-vcard” dynamic_content_type=”content”]Choose custom printed cards with your branding, or one of our standard designs.[/services_small]
[services_small title=”Redemption Options” icon=”steadysets-icon-share” dynamic_content_type=”content”]Customers can redeem on your payment terminals, integrated POS system, or your e-commerce website.[/services_small]
[services_small title=”Denominations” icon=”moon-coins” dynamic_content_type=”content”]Get cards with printed or open values, allowing them to choose how much they want to give.[/services_small]
[services_small title=”Reloadable” icon=”steadysets-icon-download” dynamic_content_type=”content”]Continuous cards have money added post issuance with customized expiration dates.[/services_small]
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